specializes in managing hotels, resorts, and villas on behalf of owners. Our expertise extends to both branded and independent establishments, ensuring optimal performance and success in the hospitality industry. Established by Mayank Gupta, a seasoned hospitality professional with an impressive two-decade career in the industry, the company strives for excellence in the field.

Mayank Gupta: Crafting Unforgettable Hospitality Experiences with Arudra Hospitality

Arudra Hospitality specializes in managing hotels, resorts, and villas, delivering excellence in the hospitality industry. Founded by Mayank Gupta, a veteran with a two-decade career, he transitioned into entrepreneurship in 2013. His rich experience from renowned hotels like J.W. Marriott and Grand Hyatt inspired the creation of Arudra Beach Resort, offering a divine blend of comfort and spirituality along Baga Beach.

In 2020, Mayank unveiled Makarios Boutique Hotel, themed around Greek Gods, providing an enchanting experience with 11 rooms dedicated to specific deities. The year 2021 witnessed the introduction of consultancy services for the South Delhi restaurant in Vagator, showcasing Mayank's culinary prowess with South Indian and North Indian cuisine.

Taking his entrepreneurial spirit further, Mayank launched Insignia Villas, a luxury heritage villa company. The flagship property, Villa Sereno, a 5-bedroom heritage Portuguese villa in Assagao, Goa, captures the essence of heritage, luxury, and natural beauty.

Mayank Gupta's journey, from seasoned hotelier to visionary entrepreneur, is a celebration of seamlessly weaving mythology, spirituality, and exceptional service to create unforgettable hospitality experiences. His commitment to crafting unique properties under the Arudra Hospitality brand and introducing Insignia Villas showcases his dedication to redefining luxury and heritage in the hospitality industry.

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